Share the Light is a fundraising campaign at Celebration Baptist Church to purchase new lighting and projection system for our newly renovated sanctuary. We would love to give you the opportunity to Share the Light and bless someone special in your life. 

All donations for this event will go directly to the Lighting and Projection Systems in the Sanctuary.

Our donation goal is: $77,000.00

How it works:

¨ Think of someone who has blessed you at some point in your life.

¨ Write a message expressing appreciation and love for them.

¨ Give the message and a donation of any amount to Celebration Baptist Church.

To participate: fill out the Google Form by clicking here and follow the link to make your donation through our online giving site (a small processing fee will be charged for online giving).

¨ The Church sends your message along with a notice that you have donated to the Share the Light Campaign in the recipient’s honor.  The notice will also include an invitation for the recipient to participate in the Share the Light event.

Progress Report: week of October 17, 2021
$ 16,539

Praise God for His Provisions!

Our church works hard to point others to God by praying, proclaiming, and giving. By faithfully doing those three things, we are investing in God’s mission of seeking and saving souls. God’s provisions through His people glorify Him and reflect the indescribable gift He has given to believers in Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 9:6-15). As the Lord provides for you, trust the Lord who provides by giving your tithes and offerings in one of four ways:
  1. Mail your gift to the church.
  2. Set up a recurring bank draft with your bank.
  3. Click the QR code to the left.
  4. Text CBCGIFTS to 73256.
Options 2-4 have a processing fee.

CBC Renovations

Celebration’s plan to renovate the church to honor God and people is in process. We are in Phase 1 which involves updating the sanctuary to create a warm, welcoming, and easily accessible place for Christ-exalting worship, fellowship, and ministry.

We have been blessed by many generous donors, but still strive to complete our goal to honor God by being good stewards of His provision and His people.

Would you consider giving more than your regular tithe to help Celebration honor God and honor people?